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Emili Calamita

Emili Calamita

Founder, Director and Teacher
José Juan Martín Jiménez

José Juan Martín Jiménez

Administrator and Teacher

As part of Good News since its foundation more than 20 years ago, I am specialised in English grammar, which I work with groups at A1, A2 and B1 level. I also provide school support for primary and secondary school level. Our aim is that our students learn English and at the same time prepare them for the future, guiding and supporting them along the way. We are a family
Sofía Martín Calamita

Sofía Martín Calamita

Talia Pérez Miranda

Talia Pérez Miranda


I am a passionate teacher and I have been teaching for 13 years. I currently teach from Pre-A1 to C1 level, but I specialise in pre-school and primary level students. For me Good News is more than an academy, we are a family.

Verónica Santiago Amador

Verónica Santiago Amador


I enjoy teaching English from pre-school to adults, as well as preparing my students for Cambridge exams. One of my maxims is Benjamin Franklin's "Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn". Being able to accompany my students on this exciting journey of discovery, learning and skill development is a real gift and very enriching for me. It is very fulfilling to watch them improve.

Jenifer Rivero Sánchez

Jenifer Rivero Sánchez


My passion for teaching comes from my desire to help others. From my point of view, as teachers, we must give our students the resources to empower themselves. English, as lingua franca, is an open door through which we can achieve academic and career goals, while discovering an awesome culture. Good News puts its students first, and they do everything from the heart. All members of the academy are considered part of a big family. I currently work with children, teenagers and adults, preparing Cambridge levels from A2 to C1. I feel very lucky to be part of this project.

Laura Sánchez Tabares

Laura Sánchez Tabares


It is a gift for me to be able to work as a teacher at Good News and help my students on their way to learning English. That language that opened so many doors for me and got me to where I am now is the language that I want to show to all my students with passion and dedication. I currently work with children from pre-school and primary level, which allows me to guide them from their first steps in English. This project is wonderful as it gives us teachers the opportunity to support our students in their learning process, helping them to overcome their difficulties and celebrating their achievements. “Teaching is more than imparting knowledge; it is about inspiring the change” by William Arthur Ward.
Tania Rodríguez García

Tania Rodríguez García


Since I was little my life has always been bound up with English and now, I feel privileged to teach this beautiful language, which is not only part of my job, but also my pleasure. I provide school support classes for children at school age. I love sharing everything I know with my students and helping them to improve and gain more confidence in English.

The "Good News" project began more than twenty years ago. Tired of seeing how the methodologies used in the formal school centres failed and how the level of English offered to the students was not adequate according to the European educational requirements, I decided to start a programme based on innovation, creativity, dynamism, good teaching and focused specifically on the student. Due to the characteristics of my students, we needed to offer good results without overcommitting their daily agenda. For this reason, my method was based on weekly attendance in small groups of a maximum of six students.

In the first place, I made sure that the academic performance of the students was the desired one, and secondly, I approached them to bilingualism. For this, I focused mainly on the oral comprehension and production of the language, because I considered that it was not being worked at schools in an effective way. Over time I began to prepare my students for the attainment of official accreditation through Cambridge University, accepted throughout the world.

The project began to give excellent results. My idea of merging into a single class: fun, personalised attention, work culture, educational psychopedagogical techniques and methodologies related to multiple intelligences, proved to be a success. These results began to spread and more and more students wanted to belong to the novel programme. I am happy to say that even today our only source of recruitment of students is word of mouth.

Over the years, the project has adapted to the new needs. At present, "Good News" has become a centre of studies with its own entity and with a teaching staff that shares the exposed principles and my way of understanding the teaching-learning process.

Letter from the director


These are some of the most important reasons why customers often choose us.

+20 Years of Experience

Hundreds of Satisfied Students

Official Certifications

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Where we are?

Good News Language Services is based in Tamaraceite. A town found in the outskirts of the city centre of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Being a few minutes away from the primary schools “Claret” and “Ciudad del Campo” where a lot of our students attend, we are able to deliver a convenient pick-up service from these to our academy. We work closely with families within the community and with another local educational centre called “Magna”.

With great transport links from any part of the island and a walk away from one of the biggest and newest shopping centres in the island, the academy benefits from great facilities and is surrounded by a safe and lively atmosphere of local businesses and leisure.


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